Education Design Studios

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Education Design Studios is a small collective of New Hampshire educators who are devoted to the reimagination of public schools. The group organizes a New Hampshire-based conference in the summer, focused on redesigning schools based upon the principles and tenets of competency-based learning and personalization.


Introduction to Competency-Based Learning
K-12 Competency Based Learning Design
NH PACE Readiness
Assessment, Grading, and Reporting
Learning Support Systems
Professional Learning Communities
Instructional Strategies
Change Management


July 24 — 26, 2018 Manchester, New Hampshire

The Education Design Studios team is excited to be back for our 4th annual conference!
Join us for three days as we explore best practices for supporting and implementing competency-based learning systems in schools.

“At the Design Studios Conference you get to learn from people who are in the trenches, doing the work, and hear them speak passionately about their topic.”

Quotes from previous attendees

“The best part of attending the Design Studios Conference was being able to have time to process with my team and discuss what we were learning.”

Quotes from previous attendees

“This conference has helped me understand how to challenge my student’s thinking by using performance assessments.”

Quotes from previous attendees

“Traditional education has been flipped on its head. Students are in the driver’s seat now. We need to prepare them for a future we can’t even imagine yet”

Quotes from previous attendees